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If you are like most families, you have boxes of photographs, negatives, or dozens of old camcorder and VCR tapes that are important to you. Unfortunately those photos and tapes can degrade, get lost or become damaged over time and will quickly become long lost memories.

Imagine losing photos or videos of your children, your parents, or your old vacations.  That’s where WeDigitizeIt can help. Let us convert your media to digital files or DVD and allow you to pass them on to future generations.  Today, everyone has a digital footprint.  Save your life digitally to your computer and your cloud account and protect it for future generations.

We digitally convert a wide variety of media, including bulk photographs, slide negatives, 35mm negatives, VHS, Super-VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, 8MM Digital 8, Hi8, MiniDV, audio cassette and micro-cassette.



Bulk Photo Scanning – $0.25/scan (under 8″x10″)  $0.50/scan (over 8″x10″)

Slide Negative Capture – $0.25/slide

Negative Scan – $0.50/frame

MiniDV – $10.00/tape*

VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS-C – $10.00/tape*

Video8, Hi8, Digital8 – $10.00/tape*

Audio Cassette (and Micro-Cassette) – $10.00/tape

*DVD:  We prefer to save to external disk/USB drive, but we will burn to DVD for $5.00 ea.

We use modern scanning technology to scan bulk photographs and negatives so you can preserve them forever.  We also use analog converters to convert camcorder tapes to digital files and save them to an external hard drive to attach to your PC.  Bring your drive to us, or we will provide this for you at our cost.

Photos and negatives are scanned at high resolution to preserve the detail.  Faded or discolored photos can often be repaired for $.25/photo.

MiniDV tapes are converted to High Quality .avi format (or .wmv if file size is an issue) that can be viewed from any computer or streamed to your SmartTV.

VHS tapes are the large format tapes that fit your old VCR, which was popular from the late ’70s to the mid ’80s.  This VHS format was reduced to a smaller footprint (VHS-C) in the mid ’80s and competed in the small analog camcorder market with Sony’s Hi8.  We convert VHS or VHS-C tapes for $10.00/tape and use the DVD standard MPEG-2 (.mpg) format for your file.

Sony introduced 8mm versions (Video 8, Digital 8, Hi8) at various times to compete with Super-VHS and VHS-C, providing longer recording times, which worked well for most consumers.  As with other tapes, these begin to degrade in 10 to 15 years.  Due to these formats being twice the length and still requiring analog/digital conversion hardware, these are slightly more expensive to convert.

Our audio conversion process can take your old audio cassettes or micro-cassettes to .mp3, .wav, or .wma format.

Try us!  Let us prove the value of your future!



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